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Leap Into Leadership 2008

LIL2008The bipartisan Wyoming Women’s Legislative Caucus hosted over 100 women from across the Equality State at the State Capitol on Friday, February 29, 2008, for an event called “Leap into Leadership.” The day included coffee in State Auditor Rita Meyer’s office, leadership development workshops and speeches by Former Representative Clarene Law as well as Wyoming Women’s Legislative Caucus members Rep. Deb Hammons, D-Washakie, and Rep. Rosie Berger, R-Sheridan.
Former Representative Law, addressing the Wyoming House of Representatives in honor of Women’s History Month said, “I never thought I’d see unity like this, a Women’s Legislative Caucus, both sides of the aisle.” Representative Law also recognized the Equality State Policy Center and the Wyoming Business Alliance for working together on this event, celebrating the wonderful “partnership of purpose” that brought those two entities together for the sake of women’s leadership.
Representative Law stated that Wyoming has always been a state where women worked side by side with men, but as the last woman Chairman of the Wyoming House of Representatives, she said there is still much to be done to achieve equality. In closing, Representative Law asked for a resolution “. . . guaranteeing equality to every man, woman, and child within the 98,000 square miles of this great state, that affirms leadership and affirms true equality in this equality state.”
Women in state and local government, non-profits, private industry, and students flocked to the event. The youngest participant missed her 5th grade school day to attend with her mother, as did two high school seniors from Sheridan, and close to thirty undergrad and graduate students from the University of Wyoming attended. Thirty participants enjoyed their first-ever visit to the in-session Wyoming Legislature, and twenty-seven participants from age 18 to 60+ said they were thinking about running for elected office.

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